Frequently Asked Questions
Q-1 Can I really learn to draw without being "gifted?"
A-1 Of course you CAN! As with most things, there are methods you can learn. DRAWING MAGIC reveals those especially important fundamentals, and introduces them to you in easy ways. Youíll be amazed how quickly your drawing ability will improve.
Q-2 How long do the Drawing Magic Guidebook courses take?
A-2 Generally, each chapter requires an hour or two. Since there are twelve chapters in Guidebook 1 and 10 Chapters in Guidebook 2, you can complete either course in as little as 12 hours or less (not all at once). Thatís fast, when you consider the length of usual class sessions. Besides, youíll have fun, so who cares how long it takes. In a very short time you will greatly enhance your drawing skill. Then, the skyís the limit.
Q-3 Are the Drawing Magic courses difficult?
A-3 The Drawing Magic courses are easy. In Guidebook 1, you start with straight lines, move on to curves, then to basic shapes, including vases, bottles and even faces in simple format. This enables you to learn the fundamentals without having to struggle with elaborate subjects. Gradually they become more challenging as you progress. In Guidebook 2, you will advance your skills by learning about ellipses, foreshortening, lost and found lines, linear perspective and atmospheric perspective, textures, edges, stroke techniques and much more. With these you will easily render a vase, followed by a cup and saucer. Thereafter, you will discover the ease with which you sketch a face, then draw a landscape as well a create a likeness of a wolf.
Q-4 For each type of subject, such as buildings, cars, people, trees, animals, and so on, do I have to learn a different method?
A-4 No! All subjects are made up of shapes. You will learn the secrets for being able to draw them more accurately. Thereafter, you will be able to draw anything
Q-5 Will I need to buy a lot of expensive supplies?
A-5 All you need is some unlined paper, a couple of pencils, an eraser, and perhaps a sharpener. Keep it simple. Thatís my motto. A good artist can do fabulous work with just the bare essentials.
Q-6 Is a DVD available?
A-6 In production and available soon. In the meantime enjoy video "ANYONE CAN DRAW" with Peter Kraus.
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