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Drawing Magic is wonderful. When I started, I couldnít draw. Now, after just a few chapters , I CAN, and so QUICK!
Margaret Ressler

Drawing Magic is a great way to learn how to draw. My drawings and sketches were done in bed, as I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. This was a wonderful way to pass the time rather than watch TV and get bored. Drawing Magic gives you a skill that you will use daily in your life, possibly for another career or hobby. Each lesson takes you one step further and before you know it, you actually drew something that you thought was going to be difficult. It was so easy and fun to go through the steps and methods that go into making your very own drawing. I have a few drawing books at home, but this book is truly for the beginner. I recommend Drawing Magic for anyone that thinks he or she cannot draw. You will be amazed.
Robert Hernandez

Drawing Magic was a fun and enlightening experience. Itís like a good cook book: step by step instructions that include stir with a spoon. I whole heartedly recommend Drawing Magic.
Alice Harris

As a youngster I was told I had no artistic talent and should just give it up. For years, I simply believed this and didnít even try. However, I always wanted to draw and, after completing your basic course using the instruction book, I have the confidence that I can, in fact, learn to draw. The integrative, progressive nature of the exercises in the book led to a rather remarkable breakthrough for me.
Virginia More

Drawing Magic truly taught me to see. I see things today that I couldn't see before. Drawing Magic combines simplicity and detail with proportion, structure and balance. These have taught me to break through barriers, especially in my business. As a construction contractor, I work with cement, stone and brick. Balance and proportion are essential in this field. Now my clients say, "you are an artist."
Creston Licha

Iíve taken courses previously in high school, California colleges and universities, yet I learned more by using your instructional book, Drawing Magic. Many of the exercises I was instructed to complete, that were not clearly explained in college courses, now make sense. The basics that I had always been seeking is now available to me and I intend to dedicate time to the pursuit of creating art, which I have always wanted to do. I hope that you will continue with this series of books to help others find their way.
Trish Amano

Drawing Magic is excellent! Iíve checked out many drawing books from the library. This book is special!
Mary Ghassemlou

How would I describe ďAnyone Can. . . Arts, Drawing Magic?Ē Amazing! Unbelievable! Easy! This book is so good because it starts with the basics, plain and simple. It doesnít assume that you know, or can do anything. Everything is broken down into such easy steps that you donít even realize you are learning (and employing) the fundamentals that ďrealĒ artists use. Each lesson builds on the previous one, so there is never that uh-oh, this it too hard, I canít do it feeling. It is completely simple and pain-free. Now, I believe it is possible for anyone to learn to how to draw--even me!
Angie Harris

Most art books take you from A to B, then they skip to G. Drawing Magic doesnít do that. It goes from A to B, then to C, then to D.
Anita Angulo

When I first picked up Drawing Magic I must admit that I was rather skeptical. ďAnyone can. . . Arts .Ē Yeah, right! I was out to prove you wrong. Well, am I ever eating crow now. The way Professor Pencil guided me through each step, it was like magic. I actually learned how to create a REAL PICTURE. Because of my new best friend, Professor Pencil, I received a reward of new confidence and I am now a true believer that YES ! Anyone Can. . . Arts, Drawing Magic really does mean ANYONE CAN! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn to draw. It makes learning fun and after all, isnít that what drawing is all about?
Patti Riseling

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